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Set yourself free with the help of spirituality.

You know when it's time for lasting change.

The painful cycles of trauma end when you decide enough’s enough.


There is no need to lose more than what’s already been lost.


The truth is, you are more than your trauma.


You have the right to be happy.


You have the right to live a life you know you deserve.


Spiritual practice can be a way to change the game.


By uniting with your highest self, you can heal your shadows, achieve your potential and actually enjoy being alive.


It's a powerful way forward for those who are ready to take a stand and commit to a totally different way of being.

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Spiritual Practice


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Applied Psychology

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Practical Life Strategy

Use the fastest ways to heal. Period.

To truly heal trauma, you have to work on a metaphysical level.


What you think you know is most likely only a fraction of the story.


This work pulls from a mix of spiritual practice, energy work, applied psychology and practical life strategy to transform your issues at the core.


These techniques are designed to get you to resolution faster and are specifically chosen to support people dealing with hardcore trauma.


No more dead ends.


No more wasted time.


No more good for other people, but dangerous for you.


These are the most powerful tools to make long-lasting shifts. Now. 

Work towards one of two goals: Baseline and Post Trauma. 

Unlike traditional therapy, this approach has clear goals within timelines.


The first benchmark is a baseline where enough work has been done to stabilize your symptoms.


You know who you are and can be here safely.


The post-trauma benchmark is where you put your values into action.


Where you build your life from a place of self-assuredness and inspiration instead of fear and despair.


You love your life and enjoy being alive!


While things may come up that trigger you, you remain in control and able to make your impact.

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The work is hard, but you're worth it.

Changing your life involves effort and commitment.


You may be challenged and have to do things your ego doesn't want to.


What I can tell you is that finally being excited about your life is an amazing feeling that's worth the work.


Loving yourself, following your gifts, enjoying what comes your way... this is the kind of experience that gives you energy instead of taking it away.


You now have a decision to make — Do I continue to suffer with no hope in sight or do I put in the work for my highest good?


Healing is possible.


A good life is worth it.


If you are ready, schedule a call with me now!

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I had a wonderful “Connection Session” with Simrit. I immediately felt very connected and comfortable with her. She explained the whole process to me before the session, which I appreciated as a beginner.

Coming into this session, I had been absolute mess. I was feeling a big weight on my shoulders in literally every aspect of my life. Coming out of the session, I felt extremely refreshed and had better sense of trust in my purpose and process. The rest of my day  was very calm. My headspace was clear and I did things to take care of myself. I was able to get things done that I had been procrastinating. I am very much looking forward to future sessions with Simrit. I would recommend Simrit to anyone looking for a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and your surroundings, I’m very glad to have found her.

What People Say


testimonial 3.jpg

Wow, I can’t recommend Simrit and her practice enough! From the very moment we met, I felt excited, calm, present and ready. She is full of positive energy and it radiates big. It was the most comforting space to walk into a healing journey.

The journey itself was incredibly effective. I was surprised at how quickly and easily my body responded to the work we were doing, but then I realize - of course I felt this ready - Simrit put me at ease immediately. The journey was so helpful. I am left feeling so full of goodness, a feeling I have not often been able to feel, due to childhood trauma. I feel lighter. I feel more conscious and present. My days don’t feel like they’re dragging morning to night. I feel happiness. I feel excited. Working with Simrit is medicine. I highly, highly recommend it.

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As someone who has only tried yoga a few times, class with Simrit blew my mind! It’s rare for me to focus and be 100% in the moment, but Simrit really got me engaged and I was quickly giving it my all. I like that Kundalini lets me access a spiritual part of myself that I often ignore, without intimidating the part of me that isn't "sporty" or coordinated.

* Reviews are real, but images and names have been omitted for privacy.

Your life and your gifts mean something. Commit to healing today and enjoy your highest expression!
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