Connection Sessions

Focused healing for powerful change.

Come to know you are so much more than your trauma with a direct connection to your divine nature. Connection Sessions are shorter commitments that target your most important issues so you can heal your pain and live well.

Healing is totally curated for you. Your healing your way.

This focuses on the issues that matter most to you. You might not need a total overhaul or you might not be able to afford one. The good news is you can get the healing that's most important to you with these sessions. Connection Sessions focus on specific areas of healing, symptoms or life goals. And because each session deliberately provides results, you will get full results within a certain timeframe. 

Less commitment, more flexibility.

Connection Sessions require less commitment time-wise and financially. They can fit into your schedule and budget. Because it's less commitment, it's less stress. And it gives you time to focus on something, integrate and come back. This is a great way to get potent healing in smaller, more manageable chunks. The more you change, the better you'll know what you want to do next.

This can be a way forward or another avenue in your healing arsenal.

This work will help everything else you do. its foundational change on an unconscious / karmic level, which affects every single thing you do. You'll get more from therapy, more from yoga, whatever practices you use, you'll be able to internalize better. Things that have been plaguing you, will dissipate if not disappear entirely. You'll feel better, have better boundaries and you'll instrinsically know on a deep level who you are. You'll never have to get into details about your trauma and you'll rely on yourself instead of outside sources for your power. 

What it looks like

Connection Sessions are different for every person. They are sold in sets of five. They are two hour sessions that occur each week. While every program for each person is totally different, this is a sample example to show you what the progression of healing could look like.

Client: 25 year old woman suffering from constant stress and suicidal ideation

Process: Does intake session and buys connection sessions

Intake Session: Connection is made between Simrit and Client. Symptoms are reviewed. Philosophy is discussed. Simrit teaches client how to connect with grounded power source and aura. Practitioners clear and stabilize aura. Simrit teaches client how to breathe and meditate. Simrit assigns 10 minutes of grounding and 15 minutes of silent meditation at 5am every day that week.

Connection Session 1: Creating a Sense of Safety

Client provides symptom update. Simrit shares lesson / philosophy. Simrit guides client through intuitive healing to create safety around being on earth. Practitioners review grounding and aura clearing. Simrit assigns 10 mins of grounding and 15 mins of silent meditation at 5am every day that week.

Connection Session 2: Removing Negative Emotions

Simrit uses timeline therapy to transform feelings of fear and grief. Simrit assigns Kriya for Creating Self Love. 

Connection Session 3: Removing Fears and Phobias

Simrit guides client through Kriya for removing fears and phobias. Beaming into the future.

Connection Session 4: More Clearing and Transforming

Simrit guides client through intuitive session to remove karmic family ties and grant more access to client's personal spiritual power. Simrit takes client through timeline therapy to transform anxiety. Simrit assigns a written list of resources and coping mechanisms to use in suicide attacks. They discuss boundaries.

Connection Session 5: Powering Up

Simrit reviews list of resources, which includes the tools the client learned during sessions. She assigns 40 days of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. Simrit takes client through Kriya for Green Energy and Opportunity.

Client Results: Client's suicidal attacks lessen in frequency. When they occur, she uses her list of resources to mitigate symptoms and move through the attack. Client feels lighter with more deep security in herself. She works with her therapist to enact setting boundaries with her toxic family and friends, which she was never stable enough to do before. She continues her meditation practice and begins to take care of herself in other ways - through streamlining her diet, practicing yoga regularly, taking time every day to ground and her clear her aura and connecting with new friends. She feels her heart whispering and while she doesn't exactly know what it's saying, she is listening. It's been a long while since she last heard it.

Would you benefit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Connection Sessions can greatly benefit you.

Do you have things you want to work on? Want to deep dive into problems areas? These are sample topics that can be addressed:

- boundaries

family autonomy

personal power

removing negative emotions

improving vitality

mitigating phobias

dealing with suicide

with anger and rage

would you like to

connect to your divine identity

experience that you are more than your trauma

calm your nervous system

exchange your phobias for confidence and trust

be able to deal with problems

further create a life you love? 

As someone who has only tried yoga a few times, class with Simrit blew my mind! It’s rare for me to focus and be 100% in the moment, but Simrit really got me engaged and I was quickly giving it my all. I like that Kundalini lets me access a spiritual part of myself that I often ignore, without intimidating the part of me that isn't "sporty" or coordinated.

Simrit is incredible! When she told me about the Clean Up Workshop, I knew immediately it was something I needed to do. Doing this work really got to the core of my resistance to receiving - my story, the beliefs we all carry - consciously and subconsciously. I wasn't even aware of some of the ways I was relating to money until completing this program. The results were INSTANT, I have been unemployed for 9 months and as soon as our session finished I received an offer! The best part about this work is that I can use it any time I need to.

I attended Simrit's workshop on abundance and absolutely loved it! It was so empowering to work through my limiting beliefs around money. Her process is all about healing faster so that we can go out and do the work we're meant to do.

What People Say

Healing starts with a single session.

The first step to Heal Your Past is scheduling a video chat with me. We’ll review your application and discuss the best way forward. I’ll guide you through a healing. You'll learn a tool to take with you. The initial session benefits you no matter what. You can decide what you want to do once you’ve met me and learned about the options. My goal is to get you to resolution faster in the healthiest, most permanent way possible.

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Don't wait to level up your life. Do it now and enjoy a better life sooner!