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Total transformation for the life you deserve. 

Heal the wounds that hold you back while anchoring your ideal future. Heal Your Past is a five-month program that merges powerful metaphysical healing with tangible results so you can move forward.

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Imagine you are finally free of trauma. 

Imagine being able to sleep at night instead of reeling with anxiety. Where you wake up excited to build a life you love instead of dreading drama and despair.


Think how empowered you’d feel to face challenges with an unshakeable sense of security. Where the people around you inspired instead of drained you.

What if you could live your potential without being constantly held back.

And what if I told you this didn’t have to take years, but months… the bulk of the work happening in a matter of weeks!

This Is Heal Your Past

Heal Your Past Is a Five-Month Program that Radically Improves Your Life Using Metaphysical Healing and Real World Strategy

The only way to truly heal trauma is to work at the metaphysical level. And while soul freedom feels great, it matters more when it uplevels your daily experience. Customized to your unique needs, Heal Your Past guides you along three milestones to achieve permanent healing for your soul and life.

Clear and reprogram blocks that

hold you back in this lifetime

and other timelines

Know your values and claim your birthright

Apply your power to create a life you love, now

Get to resolution faster with powerful tools designed to sustain you.

Heal Your Past uses spiritual tools, applied psychology and practical life strategy to deliver quick and complete healing for your highest benefit. Tools include meditation, emotional freedom technique, timeline therapy, kundalini yoga and more. Each session is unique and personalized to you. One might focus on meditation and boundaries. Another on kundalini yoga and timeline therapy. What’s more, you’ll learn how to use these tools on your own whenever you need them.

Benefit from a container that's different from anything else out there.

Heal Your Past is specifically designed for people with trauma. The things I teach drastically and permanently change the game. There's no need to go into details of your abuse. You won't rely on outside sources to connect to your power. With longer sessions and a large focus on both metaphysical healing and real-world integration, Heal Your Past guides you on a laser-focused path to breakthrough where you are supported, working and implementing change that will last your whole life.


What It Looks Like:

  • Weekly 2-3 hour sessions and homework

  • Consistent support

  • 2 Months deep metaphysical healing

  • 2 Months implementing goals with support

  • 5 Months total commitment

What We'll Do:

  • Connect to your spiritual power / identity

  • Define and protect your values

  • Remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs

  • Clear past life energy that holds you back

  • Heal your physical experience

  • Set real-world goals and implement action to achieve those goals

You'll Experience:​

  • Unprecedented calm and peace

  • Confidence and trusted self guidance

  • A totally different sense of self

  • Less trauma response

  • Better health and well-being

  • Optimism

  • A life that lifts you up, on your terms

If you're an achiever held back by abuse, Heal Your Past is for you.

Are You:

  • Sick of living a life that's less than what you deserve?

  • Hungry to get well and move on?

  • Ready and excited to live your purpose?

  • Not getting results with other modalities?

  • Done being a victim?


    Willing to go all in and do the work?

If you said yes to any of the above,

Heal Your Past is most likely the breakthrough you've been waiting for. 

What People Say


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* Reviews are real, but images and names have been changed for privacy.

If you are ready to change your life,
schedule a session and let's do this!

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