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Achieve Your Trauma Breakthrough

Say goodbye to anxiety, fear and choices that do not serve you.

The Trauma Breakthrough Method™ blends powerful metaphysical tools with real-world strategy to help you finally feel good while getting you into the life experience you wish for.

Are you doing the things, but not getting enough results?

You know you're here for a reason. You know you have things to do. But moving forward is a struggle and most times seems impossible thanks to debilitating traumatic stress. No matter how much you try to do!

You've gone to therapy. Started a business, quit your job, distanced yourself from family and friends. Maybe you've left the country. You wake up every day willing to do as much work as you can. You've experimented with substances. You've gone to yoga classes and other spiritual retreats. But despite all your time, money and effort, you still find yourself looping the same patterns. No issues are actually solved. You still wake up depressed. You still feel anxious. You still hear voices of self hate and inevitable doom. You can't fully break off those relationships. You can seem to create a better career. You make decisions in line with your truth, but then you are catapulted back down by drama. These are the cycles that can be stopped. 

Introducing the Trauma Breakthrough Method™

The Trauma Breakthrough Method is my proven approach for healing trauma. It blends powerful metaphysical healing, psychology and real-world strategy to bring you out of negativity and into a positiv in the shortest appropriate timeframe.




Trauma Breakthrough is made up of three distinct parts.

Step 1: HEAL 

Clear and transform your most debilitating issues without talking about them. Get at the core and solve them once and for all.

Step 2: OWN 

Own your power and what you want. Without guilt, shame and bargaining. Know you are fucking awesome.


Integrate all the changes you've made to reflect in the real world. This is aggressive goal setting.

Sessions are two hours and focus on actually doing the work. 

Sessions pull from the most effective tools I've found so you get permanent, profound change quickly. Longer session times means we don't just talk about the issues, we talk and can actually get into the work. This gives you fast results and shorter timeframes overall. 


Kundalini Yoga, Intuitive Healing, Timeline, Meditation create permanant shifts quickly. Getting to the real root of the issue that could never be achieved in regular therapy.


EFT, IFS Parts Work, Somatic tools and experiencing, Family dynamics and general knowledge work on your mind so your mind is right.


Direct business and life strategy helps you implement the changes you want to achieve now powered by your new consciousness. That includes moving apartments, countries, getting new clients, getting a grasp on your finances, etc.

Together, we create measurable results that finally get you into the life you know you're meant to live.

The goal is to get you feeling better and into the life experience you want to be living. Designed to get you exactly what you want. 


What this can look like:


Go from suicidal to psyched about your life

Go from depressed to resolved and grateful

Go from stressed out and triggered to stable no matter what

Go from ashamed and frustrated with your money to organized with a specific plan you like and understand

Stop torturing yourself in a too-small apartment and move into the higher vibe alternative - studio to two bedroom, in the Lower East Side to Ibiza or Wales

Go from hating your family with resentment and pain to being at peace with what happened and moved on with your life

What do you want? Download my guide here:

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Longer Sessions = Shorter Overall Healing Times

Ever been in a therapy session and simply talked about your problems without doing anything about them? In these sessions, they include talk, but they focus on doing the work. Longer sessions means we actually get things done, which means you are healed and out of treatment faster.

Metaphysical Tools Get to the Real Core of the Issue and Create Immediate Change

There is absolutely no way you can heal your trauma fully without a metaphysical approach. Trauma is somatic, it is stored in cells, it is passed through generations and comes through past lives and contracts. You can’t think your way out of it. If you could, you would. Metaphysical tools create core-level change within hours, sometimes within minutes. In fact, I rarely get into convos with my clients about their past issues because it legitimately isn’t relevant. If you want to feel better and want change, metaphysical tools can get you there.

Real-World Strategy Makes the Things You Wish For Become Real

You can implement as much as you want on the outside, but if the inside energy isn’t healed, guess what, it will be the same story again and again. That said, without the practical life in place, you aren’t fully all the way healed. As a long time entrepreneur and business strategist, I am exceptionally talented at seeing clear paths to getting things done. I have been so successful at living in a different way and this comes in handy. I have been in leadership, hired at jobs for my career, again and again being celebrated for having profound strategy. It is one of my zones of genius. Give me a problem and I will solve it. Business coach and mentor.

Being Truly Trauma Informed Means Your Needs Are Supremely Met

Ever done a program that was guaranteed to work and it doesn’t help you at all? What works for neurotypical people isn’t going to work for you. The needs of trauma people are completely different. Someone might have you go into a hypnosis and meet your ideal parents. Without the proper setup, that can be extremely damaging and unnecessary. People don’t know what they are talking about. I do. I know trauma and the best diagnosis like the back of my hand. Feel seen and be held to a higher healing standard.

Two Options to Heal

Option 1:

The Single 

Breakthrough Session

  • 2 hours with follow up

  • Get your mental breakthrough

  • Go out and implement it yourself

  • Right for people who have lingering issues, one large issue, or who can afford minimal financial investment for the most impact

Option 2:

The Full Breakthrough Program

  • Weekly 2 two hour sessions

  • Multi month commitment

  • Outside work

  • Specific answers to your issues

  • Building out your life

  • Right for you if you have huge issues, multiple issues, big issues, want a full transformation, have the desire, time and financial capacity to fully commit to your healing

Read the Reviews

What are you waiting for? If You're a High Achiever looking to heal, this could be the work you've been waiting for. 

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