What happens when you're united and not divided?

You wish you could show up happy and whole, but somehow you just don’t believe you're worthy. I know you deserve more than that. Join me for Unstoppable You, a six-week hybrid program that heals your hurt parts so you can go after what you want with encouragement, inspiration and unshakeable self loyalty.

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Enough with beautiful, brilliant women hating themselves behind the scenes.

You have incredible gifts and talents. You care deeply about the world. You show up daily. Yet you doubt your choices. You put yourself down. You worry when you think about your future. 


Life doesn’t have to be this way.


With powerful self love, comes the power to make choices that are in your best interest. These choices and the feelings behind them touch your entire life!

  • Love yourself out of being anxiously attached to people who reflect your trauma to reveling in your alone time and securely meeting partners who reflect your values. 

  • Lovingly guide your way from doubting your ability to meaningfully change lives into being able to confidently show up in your FB Lives and Reels. 

  • Love your way out of the harsh judgements, insults and comparisons that keep you sick, sad, angry and small so you can spend your days focused on enjoying your abundance and wins.

The thing is, the negativity you experience comes from valid hurt.


It's not productive to push it away or gaslight it.


It also doesn't help you to let it continue.

Enter Unstoppable You. 

By taking this journey, you can create an unshakeable foundation

of love and support.


Come away knowing you'll always have your own back and

the fuel to realize exactly what you want in life.

Unstoppable You Is a Six-Week Program that Heals and Unifies Your Inner World
So You Can Show Up and Enjoy
Without Shame, Guilt and Regret.

The women who want to heal are guided by big dreams.


They want to make a difference with their business.


They want to look in the mirror and love what they see.


They want to create a loving family and be a better parent than what they had.

But unless you heal your hurt parts, your joy will always be tainted by pain!

No matter what you achieve on the outside, your happiness comes from the inside.

This is not something you can fake.


  • How sweet would it be to lovingly look at your baby without anxiety and guilt?

  • How refreshing would it be to congratulate yourself on submitting a high-profile proposal for more than a second? 

  • How great would it be to call in an encouraging partner and not give a f*ck about the avoidant runaround?

Self love is more than bubble baths and wine (although they're good, too).


It's the internal resourcing to know that you have your back when the hard times hit.


And the foresight to make decisions that will always benefit you.


Know that you will always choose what's best for you.

Connect with partners who respect your self worth.

Do the game-changing business tactics that you've been too scared to try.


Allow yourself to frolic on the beach without hearing "you're too fat, you're too old, you should be working".

Enjoy the process as you live and grow!

With Parts Work, Intuitive Healing, Timeline Therapy® and more,

Unstoppable You helps you heal the core issues that fuel these dynamics

in the first place.

By getting to the root issues, harmony comes naturally.

You don't have to fight. You can flow.