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Journey the path with someone who knows the way.

"I have experienced pain most people can’t conceive of. And for some reason, I incarnated with a level of integrity that forced me to transform it."

My name is Simrit Atma Kaur.

I’m a spiritual teacher and metaphysical healer who’s dedicated to helping you champion your trauma and live a happy, meaningful life in line with your values. I believe that trauma is not always what it seems and that you are so much more than your trauma. That it’s possible to free yourself from what’s not yours and heal what is. I know it’s possible for you to finally, fully live.


I know this because it’s also my story.


I spent thirty years vacillating between achievement and severe trauma response. For me, CPTSD manifested as constant suicide, substance abuse, rage, self hate, anxiety, depression, toxic relationships and a more toxic career. I spent twenty years seeing all kinds of therapists. 

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"It wasn’t until I started seriously practicing spirituality that things really started to change."

A consistent yoga and meditation practice gave way to a universe of healing. I learned who I was on a metaphysical level, which was nothing like the person I was being. Haunting thoughts were replaced with realizations that were uplifting and infinitely more true. I trusted myself and made choices that were aligned to my standards, not anyone else’s. I felt happier, I looked better, I left my toxic career and started working in areas I loved. When life got brutal, I relied on a foundation of strength that helped me do the impossible. And the best part of all was that the healing lasted. It never lapsed.


Healing trauma is not easy, which is all the more reason to do it well and do it now.


I take pride in offering programs that are fully designed for people with trauma and that deliver results in the shortest period of time. While weekly therapy is important, it’s not going to give you big transformations quickly. Nor will a random coach who has no idea what they’re talking about or who isn’t successful in their own right. 

"I do this work because I know what it’s like to suffer and I don’t want you to have to go through what I did. "

By way of miracle, there are tools out there that really, definitively work. It took me many years to find them, but you can jump in. Don’t waste your time and your life. You can connect to a higher frequency, feel better every day and work towards your authentic dreams and goals. Life is so much better that way!


If you are ready to do the work, please book a session so we can get started.


If you aren’t, follow my articles, youtube videos and social media to learn as much as you can on how to take care of yourself. 


No matter if we work together or not, I wish you the best on your journey!

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My Qualifications


BS in Media, Culture and Communication from NYU

Level 1 Kundalini Teacher from Golden Bridge Yoga in NYC

Intuitive Level 1 - Kimberly Rinaldi

Intuitive Level 1 - Adrienne Elise

Self Taught IFS, Parts Work, Trauma Therapy

Self Healed at least one lifetime of debilitating trauma

17 Years of Spiritual Practice and Discovery


My Teachers:

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Amanbir Singh, Siri Sat, Guru Rattana, Nancy Payne, Kimberly Rinaldi, Adrienne Elise, Emma Burgess

Get to know me and the work as magic unfolds.

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